I am a river: Music by Kaija Saariaho and Helena Tulve

Thu 5.9.2024 7 PM
Kallio Church, Helsinki
Tickets: 30/20/10 € (Ticketmaster)

Helsinki Chamber Choir
Nils Schweckendiek, johtaja

HELENA TULVE: Nächtliche Gesänge
KAIJA SAARIAHO: Suomenkielinen sekakuorokappale
KAIJA SAARIAHO: Nej och inte
KAIJA SAARIAHO: Lumen valosta
HELENA TULVE: I am a river

Continuing its exploration of the complete a cappella choral music of Kaija Saariaho, the Helsinki Chamber Choir revives two of her earliest works dating from 1979, written at a time when the composer herself was singing in an amateur choir: the functionally named Suomenkielinen sekakuorokappale (A Finnish-language Work for Mixed Choir) and Nej och inte (No and Not). The programme also includes two works written for Finnish ensembles in the early 2000s – Lumen valosta (Of the Light of Snow) and Kesäpäivä (Summer Day). Framing Saariaho’s music are two substantial works by a leading composer deeply influenced by Saariaho, Estonian Helena Tulve, including her international breakthrough piece I am a river with its rich and expressive choral textures.