Helsinki Chamber Choir Audition

Helsinki Chamber Choir is seeking singers to join our roster for all sections. Candidates are expected to have professional training in vocal music, as well as experience with performing contemporary music and in choral/ensemble signing. Singers are booked on a project-by-project basis.

Time: 23rd of April 2024 2.50pm-6pm
Place: Helsinki (exact location to be confirmed later)

The audition consists of three parts:
- song or aria - please prepare two songs or arias of your choice, the jury will choose to hear one or both (pianist will be provided, please bring along a score for the pianist in the correct key)
- singing in a quartet, the music for which will be provided a week before the audition 
- quick study piece, the music for which will be provided 24 hours before the audition (to be sung alone, you can use a tuning fork or a piano to get an A)

Please apply before March 26th by completing the form linked below. The application should include a CV and a video or sound recording.

Application form:

Candidates selected to audition will be informed by April 9th.

For any additional information, please contact:
Keri Kallio
Helsingin kamarikuoro