Canterbury & London Ear Festival

Fri 23.3.2018 at 1.10 pm

St Gregory’s Centre for Music, Canterbury, England 

Sat 24.3.2018 at 7 pm

St John’s Church, Waterloo, London, England

Helsinki Chamber Choir 

Nils Schweckendiek, conductor

Timo Kurkikangas, electronics

LUCIANO BERIO: Cries of London 

MALIKA KISHINO: Prayer / Inori II (world premiere, new version) 

ALEJANDRO VINAO: Fear (world premiere) 

    Ojo por ojo 

     Fear of Shadow 

      Mad Game 

 * only in London

ANTTI AUVINEN: on,-ne,-ni (UK premiere) 

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On its first UK tour the Helsinki Chamber Choir presents brand new pieces as well as the contemporary classic Cries of London (1975). The first and third movement of Alejandro Viñao’s Fear were premiered in May 2017: now we finally hear the whole piece. Antti Auvinen’s music has taken a central place in the Helsinki Chamber Choir’s repertoire, while Japanese composer Malika Kishino is a new acquaintance. 

I can safely now agree with many of my international colleagues that they are probably the best choir anywhere in the world, particularly for contemporary music. I have worked with many choirs round the globe and have never had such good performances.
Jonathan Harvey,