Papa Bach

Children's opera
Premiere on 11.10.08 at 6.30pm
Almi Hall, Finnish National Opera

Music: J. S. Bach (arr. Eric-Olof Söderström), Säde Bartling
Libretto: Esko-Pekka Tiitinen
Conductor: Eric-Olof Söderström
Stage director: Jukka Rantanen
Set and costume design: Janne Siltavuori

Bach: Hannu Forsberg
12 singers from the Helsinki Chamber Choir

Further performances in 2008: 15.10., 16.10., 17.10., 18.10., 21.10., 22.10., 24.10., 25.10. at 6.30pm and 18.10., 25.10. at 3pm

Performances in 2009: 13.05., 14.05., 15.05., 16.05. at 6.30pm and 16.05. at 3pm.

A  Finnish National Opera production.  Tickets 15/8€ from Lippupiste.

The work with them was exciting and efficient. They have a particular ability to adapt themselves to a different sound and aesthetic conception. Their flexibility and enthusiasm gave me the the possibility to work in-depth because of the individual human, vocal and musical qualities of each singer.
Dominique Vellard,
choral conductor
and singer